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Oct 15, 2004
Worst day

Today was like the worst day ever ok i wanted to go home b/c i riped someting and like i didn't feel good than i asked me mom and shes like ya your failing anyways so it wouln't make a diffrence and she was being a bitch to me and telling me that im nothing and that i never will be and she cant wait till im 18 so she cant kick me out, she knows i try hard in school b/c i turn in all my work at school but i just dont get alot of it.Also i just found out im going to a diffrent school and were maybe moving on the north side with all the rich bith snobby kid wow evryone will hate me there well i got to go have a good night

Posted at 12:27 am by Genevieve05
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Jul 17, 2004

Stephanie just got back and it seems like she has no time for me anymore, she just got back and shes got plans what did i do to her why is she mad at me, shouldn't she have time for me if im her best friend? do i call her to much or bugg her somehow?I still haven't talked to jeremy, its like god is mad at me cuz jj and Stef are like the most important people in my life and errrg never mind FUCK IT

Posted at 05:20 pm by Genevieve05
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Jul 12, 2004
how i have been

                      * Cherry*
    Well um..... i feel as if me and jeremy wont last very long no matter how much i want it 2 but were to busy to see eachother any more. So were going farther and farther away from eachother, now that we dont talk... i think its gonna be like no one broke up with eachother but were not going out anymore, ya know what i mean? well anywayz yeah my hair is pink i think it looks nifty!!! im gonna die my hair black later on in like a month its gonna be great. Tomorrow im going to get my freeball 6 tickets i have to go by paloverde to go and get them omg i hate walking, but oh well it will be worth it.  I tryed diein my hair brown and some how  it turned gray wow did that sux.my hair will fall out pretty soon cuz durring the school year im gonna die my hair diffrent colors. My backpack is great its black and white checkers and im getting a misfits patch to put on it. I love the Misfits!! my birthday is commin up in 2 weeks!!!! im so happy i hope i get a neckless from someone like from a guy that is named JEREMY lol anyways Im outty


Posted at 11:28 pm by Genevieve05
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May 24, 2004

I hate my boyfriend!!!!!!
I hope you read this 2 jeremy

Posted at 08:18 pm by Genevieve05
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Apr 25, 2004

I went to the fair thursday with the choir,
But I ended up staying longer with my cuz
I saw my boyfriend there, but I couldn't hang out
with him cuz she like didn't like anyone in his group
I was going to go ditch her and just call her when ever to see
When she was droping me off than i relized i didn;t have a phone
even though I didn't know jeremy had a phone. Well anyways
Hes mad at me now and it really sux. I love Yellowcard there great,
Im listenin to there cd. Its pretty cool. This weeknd was ok, I
Hung out with Stacey and Emily and weplayed basketball and we
rented movies Honny, The Hunting and some other movie
i dont remeber the name of it and you know that show on 72
or 73 late at night where there are like kids from diffrent schools
and they can make there own talk show? well this one was about
"jugalos" and they had a number so we called it and said all this crap
like how Icp sucks.... yeah you just had to be there.I have to clean my room so
bu bye

Posted at 03:23 pm by Genevieve05
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Apr 21, 2004

    Yesterday I found out that Shyne likes me, he was like I like you, im sorry.... i have no clue why he said sorry. He seems so sweet and his sister wants him to go out with me 2. He plays football! Me and Jeremy drifft evryday more and more and I dunno if its going to work out yet, I dont even think he likes me anymore in that way anymore.Tomorrow im going to the fair to sing with my choir Im so happy I cant wait. Shane and I are gonna hang out there cuz hez in choir 2^_^. I found out Kyles not gay, I still think he is, but oh well. I am bring the walky talks tomorrow its gonna be fun. he he and Noelle wants to hook me up with this dude Anthony he go's to Sata Rita and hes my age wow. He likes all thethings I like,but it would be hard to go out with him if he doesn't go to my school i have tryed it before. Im so serious that Tiffany and Jeremy should go out some day  and im not saying that in a mean way or in a jelouisy way. They have tons in comon and like they talk all the time and who cares if she is taller, it matters whats inside. I still want to be friends with Jeremy no matter what happends to us. I think I know jeremy knows that we might not work out 2. I really like him but were farther away from each other than we were before.Anyways off of him, I think Catter and Nitcon are a good cupple, they love each other alot and I think its sweet. Lotz of people think that there not a "cute cupple" but I think there just all jelois cuz they dont have what nitcon and cater have......Love. Im goonna go
Peace out

Posted at 08:13 pm by Genevieve05
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Apr 4, 2004
Borring Sunday

Yesterday Stacey spent the night and we hung out with Jeremy even though he got pissed at me... Oh well whats new i cant do anything right. Today I went to the store with Stephanie, while my mom went to Rachels wedding.... After Stephanie and I went to the park and saw alot of people playin basketball....and im so happy the BBQ for choir students are only going to saturday.. im not even really sure if i want to go cuz it might be like really borring, but who knows? oh and i re did my nails again. I dunno really what else i did cuz yeah being grounded is borring I couldn't go anywhere where theres fun, my mom said. Well tomorrow i will be off grounded. This summer im getting a job at K Mart, yeah i know a really gay job but hey it will give me money.. My mom knows this teacher, cuz hes family or something even though i dunno him but oh well ill get to the point, ok hes going to teach me unsted of going to summer school so that would be cool i dont have to get dressed.lol(not in a perverted way)~ as my boyfriend always says no wait he says "in a non gay way" anyways I got to go im like watching a movie and talkin to stephanie at the same time so yeah i got to go. Have a good one
PS wow i wrote alot

Posted at 08:43 pm by Genevieve05
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Apr 2, 2004

Today was kinda cool i guess.... I love the rain, today it rained for like ever!!!!!!!!!
and like now im going to school to see a play, Gabes in it( i love him but not as much now) well I dont love him but he is really hot.I have to get ready now... the play was so funny!!! it was like 2 and a half hours and today I got a new puppy its so cute I named him Oscar

Posted at 05:24 pm by Genevieve05
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Apr 1, 2004

Well... yesterday I saw lexi she is 1 and she has alot to say, when I went to bed she layed with me she just would quit talking!!! Shes so cute. Anyways today I didnt break my shoe Yay!!! Im grounded so I wont be doing anything this weeknd which kinda sux, but oh well what can I do? I didnt see my doggie today:( Oh what is so weird is Tiffany( my bros wife) she found a dog and had to give it back 2 and she cryed so im not weird. I love the rain...... Oh today Kyle was saying how his mom threw a peperoni at him this morring... Intersting huh? and he said he would be jelouis of Brittany Spears if he were a girl, no he wouldnt want to be with her hes just jelous of her. The little things Kyle says makes me thing hes gay more and more evryday. I have to go no cuz yeah im not even supost to be on so  take it easy
Ps ill tell you why im grounded later its stupid

Posted at 05:26 pm by Genevieve05
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Mar 31, 2004

     Today Cody Hunter came back to school and he has a hair cut and it just looks diffrent, but not ugly or cute, but diffrent. Anyways at Lunch It was so funny Noelle tryed to do a hand stand and he fell flat on the ground and yeah.... After school I saw my doggie She was waiting for me so I took her home again. The owner came over and got her and like yeah she said that her dog gets out all the time!! I think I should just keep her. I bet you I will see Baby again tomorrow. Oh well I dont know what else to say and I have to email Jawan back so take it easy


Posted at 02:12 pm by Genevieve05
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